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New Cheese production unit opens in Somerset.

When the Trethowan Family wanted to relocate their cheese production unit from the family farm located in the middle of wales, they knew it was going to be a major undertaking, their famous Gorwydd Caerphilly which had been made there for over 20 years, was now an established and well received cheese. Would moving it to a new location be a risk worth taking?

It was also going to take some time to find a new location, with one aim, have a herd of dairy cows as your next Door neighbour!

In February 2013, the family met with Capital Refrigeration, a company who could offer plenty of experience in the design and construction of Cheese production units

Capital Undertook to produce the first “blueprints” for discussion , but still we had no site , and then in September of 2013, the ideal site was found , with a plentiful supply of top grade Milk,

Puxton adventure Park near Weston Super Mare offered the opportunity to create a brand new facility , one where visitors would be able to watch the cheese being produced as well as cows being milked and getting up close to many breeds and varieties of Farm animals.

The proposed location for the new Dairy was an old car park at the rear of the facility right beside the milking sheds,

Capital were instrumental in formatting the external design of the new building and then worked at setting out the internal design which had to include viewing galleries, both to the Cheese make room and the Storage rooms, and enough space to cater for future expansion, it was very important to make the “flow work” and the team at Capital put all of their fifty odd years of working knowledge to good use

Once the layout was approved, Capital then set about designing the internal “workings” essential to the successful operation of a production unit such as this, two specifications were drawn up and submitted, one for the external Construction of the Building, the second for the Internal layout and fittings to include the electrical power and lighting design, Drainage and floor design, Ventilation and plumbing, and of course Refrigeration plant!!  To complement this Capital Produced a complete set of working drawings to cover all aspects of the work to be undertaken which they then submitted to the local Authority for Building regulation control approval. Important issues such as Fire prevention, exit routes and safe working were all dealt with and approval to commence was duly received

Work then started in February 2014, with an anticipated completion date in August, the work being split into two Phases, External construction and internal fit out, Capital Consulted on Phase one and then headed up the fit out in Phase two, bringing together and heading up a team of expert installers in Dairy Equipment supply, Heating appliances (including a whopping 200 Kw Steam Boiler) and the other fifty odd bits and pieces that come together to make up a unit such as this.

Both the family and Capital worked closely together throughout the project with many “question and answer sessions” which all served to ensure that the work went ahead with no problems

The result  was on the 5th August , the cheese that had been made at the old facility and kept in cold storage , was delivered to its new home to finish its maturation process  and then  on the 10th August (just ten days later than the provisional  programme date marked up some some twelve months before work started)  saw  the first delivery of Milk  piped Direct (mostly by gravity) from the Milking Parlour to the 3500 Litre Vat located in the Production Room  and the first batch of cheese duly entered one  of three  vast Maturation Rooms.


The family are delighted with the end result, Brothers Todd and Maugan Trethowan, along with their team are still coming to terms with their new “home” but are both, pleased and proud of what has been built for them, the large make room dwarfs that which they used to use and simple ideas have been introduced to make life so much easier  and in the next few weeks, we will be able to sample the first batch of Gorwydd Caerphilly, produced in its new Home, (see #Trethowan cheeses on twitter and Facebook to read more and trace the work as it was carried out)

Capital Meanwhile have moved onto Oxfordshire where they have started on another adventure with someone else who also has a dream!!